Île-de-France Mobilités wins with Padam

Île-de-France Mobilités has selected the setec – Padam consortium to deploy the operating system for Paris’ Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), covering the whole Paris region.

As the organizing authority for all sustainable mobilities in the Paris region, Île-de-France Mobilités has awarded the implementation of the operating system for the booking and management of demand responsive transport (DRT) to the setec – Padam consortium. Around ten zones within the greater Paris will be covered with this system in 2019, before a progressive expansion to 40 zones during the next four years in the whole Paris region.

« I made a commitment to set up solutions so that all inhabitants of the Paris region can have access to efficient public transports, wherever they live in Île-de-France. The creation of that new, on demand public transportation service, brings a tailor-made solution to many living in the suburbs of Paris with little or no access to mobility, with an enhanced quality of service » says Valérie Pécresse President of the Île-de-France Region, President of Île-de-France Mobilités.

Tailor-made public transport service
In order to meet the mobility needs of its inhabitants as closely as possible, and to adapt to the diversity of territories in the region, Île-de-France Mobilités has initiated the development of a demand responsive transport service (DRT), mostly in the suburbs. It’s an ideal solution to bring tailor-made answers in lower-density areas, complementary with regular modes such as bus lines or trains.

As opposed to classical bus lines, smaller vehicles adapt their itinerary and schedule to the requests of the commuters. They don’t follow a line, they follow bookings made by the users of the service. Those can be made either through a call center or through a dedicated mobile app. Users can then follow the arrival of their vehicle in real time in the app.

Quality of service for the region
The creation of a regional DRT operations center will make it possible for the region to offer a unique and performant service for all the demand responsive transport networks within the Greater Paris, whatever the transport operator. The operation center will be launched during the summer of 2019 and experimented until October with 3 DRTs (exact locations to be defined). The service will be broadened in October and should comprise of 10 DRTs by the end of the year. The increasing deployments should reach around 40 DRTs within 4 years.

Demand Responsive Transport

Padam wins IDFM DRT Tender

Setec its, a key player within digital mobility services engineering, and Padam, a tech company committed to expanding demand responsive transport, joined forces to set up this innovative service launched by Île-de-France Mobilités. They have been awarded the biggest market in Europe for such a service: 2.8 million euros over 4 years only for the operations center.
« The choice of our technology by Île-de-France Mobilités is a key milestone in our development. It will give us the opportunity to showcase the capabilities or our algorithms and interfaces at a large scale, probably one of the most important in the world. We become a benchmark player in Demand Responsive Transport management » said Grégoire Bonnat, CEO and co-founder of Padam. « Thanks to our technology, Demand Responsive Transport will experience longer-term development: flexible school transportation, transportation of people with reduced mobility, etc. »


About Île-de-France Mobilités
Ile-de-France Mobilités builds, organizes, and finances public transports for all the inhabitants of the Greater Paris. At the heart of the transport networks, it federates all actors (commuters, elected officials, transporters, infrastructure managers etc.), invests and innovates in order to improve services provided to the commuters. It decides, pilots development projects for the modernization of all transport networks, and entrusts transporters with the operations. Chaired by Valérie Pécresse, President of the Île-de-France region, Île-de-France Mobilités is composed of the Île-de-France Region, and eight other department of the Greater Paris. Thus serving the vision for all transports in Île-de-France (train, RER, metro, tramway, T Zen and bus)


About setec its
setec its is the subsidiary of setec group dedicated to the engineering of urban tranports and mobility. As a multidisciplinary engineering group created in 1957, setec delivers its services in Infrastructures and Transport Systems, Building, Energy, Industry, the Environment, Land Management, Telecoms and Information Systems.
setec intervenes on the whole project lifecycle: from the first technical and economical studies to steering and accomplishment, until the maintenance and exploitation phases, under all technical, economical and environmental aspects. With more than 30 subsidiaires specialized by trade, with a social capital 100% owned by its engineers, setec group is positionned at its clients’ service, at the same time close and independent.


About Padam, the start-up that revolutionizes on-demand public transport
Created in 2014, Padam uses artificial intelligence to transform the organisation of public transport, and offers an on-demand service, better suited to the users’s needs. Padam’s solutions help private and public bus operators optimize in real time their fleets, with better profitability and a drastically enhanced user experience. By improving public transport services, Padam helps develop the attractiveness of the territories it works with.
Already adopted in Orléans or Lille, in Bristol or Padova, Padam aims at an important growth in 2019, in France and abroad. Padam raised a Serie A with Setec and Siemens Mobility in October 2018.

Press contacts:
Île-de-France Mobilité : Sébastien Mabille – 01 47 53 28 42 –
Padam Agence Rumeur Publique – Thierry Del Jésus : 01 55 74 84 92 – 06 60 47 90 30
Antoine Bolcato : 01 55 74 84 91 – 07 77 14 61 97
setec its : Caroline Dor – 01 82 51 60 49 –

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